Content API overview

After Contember server starts, there will be more then single API available, but the Content API is the most important right now.

Content API is a GraphQL API available on URL in format https://your-hostname/content/{project}/{stage}, e.g. If you want to access the API, you need an access token with sufficient permissions, you can obtain one in Tenant API. Once you get the token, which will look like 44d7dd8ae4a45c33eaa309716e41e1a8476cda4f, use it as Bearer token in Authorization header

Authorization: Bearer 44d7dd8ae4a45c33eaa309716e41e1a8476cda4f

Contember generates restricted GraphQL API, which corresponds ACL rules you define. E.g. if you define a read-only role for a mobile application, then no mutations will be visible in GraphQL API for this role.

GraphQL client#

On http://localhost:1025/playground there is Apollo GraphQL playground running. But you can also try more advanced clients. Our choice is Insomnia

Now you can discover how to read your data using GraphQL queries or modify them using GraphQL mutations. Subscriptions for watching data changes are currently not available.