Deploying a Contember

Building a Docker image#


Setting up environment variables#


First-time Contember setup#

You have to execute a system setup first using special one-off token. Use you favorite GraphQL client and execute following graphql mutation against your production server:

Authorization: Bearer 12345123451234512345
mutation {
setup(superadmin: {email: "", password: "my-strong-password"}) {
result {
loginKey {

This mutation will create a superadmin with given credentials and returns a login token. Don't loose it, otherwise you won't be able to login!

S3 compatible storage#

First you have to choose a S3 provider. You can decide between hosted services like AWS S3 or you can self host your own S3 compatible storage.

SaaS providers#

Self hosted#

After you choose the right provider, you just have to setup relevant S3 environment variables.