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Contember documentation

Contember is an open source headless development platform. It makes it easy to build, maintain and operate systems for managing any type of content.

Use Contember as Headless CMS

We have a template ready to go. Including simple frontend in Next.js.

Try Contember in 10 minutes

Follow our quickstart to understand the basics and build something by yourself.

Contember Engine lets you define your own data model with TypeScript and instantly turns it into a GraphQL API. It is a standalone server, which provides an extensive GraphQL API for your data - we call it the Content API. Contember API also provides, what we call a Tenant API which handles authentication and authorization, so you can control who and how can access your data.

Contember Interface is an React framework for building custom management interfaces. It lets you define your own management UI with high-level React components and automatically connects to GraphQL provided by Contember Engine.

Main principles

  • Everything is code (TypeScript and React).
  • The structure of the data is up to you, Contember doesn't force any arbitrary collections or posts. Create any entities you want with attributes and relationships. Schema overview
  • The administration is not dependent on your data structure. Build any views with few lines of code. Interface introduction

Highlighted features

  • Generates well-structured PosgreSQL database
  • Instantly provides you with GraphQL API
  • Built-in authentication
  • Powerful role-based ACL
  • Automatic database migrations
  • Multi-language, translatable
  • Extend with your own React.js components

contember administration screenshot