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Commands for development

During local development, there may be a need to bypass certain checks, even if the migration has already been executed locally. This section details several commands that provide flexibility and control over your local migration process.

Please be aware that these commands are available exclusively on your local Contember instance and are not meant for production environments.

Amending a Migration

While developing a new feature, you might find yourself needing to adjust an already created and applied schema migration. Instead of creating an entirely new diff, you can utilize the migrations:amend command. This command allows you to update the most recent migration both on disk and in your local Contember instance. If you revert the schema changes and run migrations:amend, the command effectively removes the migration.

Example: Amending Latest Migration

npm run contember migrations:amend

Example: Amending Specific Migration

You can target a specific migration to amend by providing an additional argument, as shown below:

npm run contember migrations:amend 2022-01-17-101806-test

If the migration has already been run by someone else or it's been deployed, it won't be possible to execute the amended migration.

Rebasing a Migration with migrations:rebase

Before merging a branch with a new migration, you might find that a new migration has been added upstream. The migrations:rebase command assists in resolving this by renaming the migrations both on disk and in your local Contember instance. Simply pass the names of the migrations you need to merge.


npm run contember migrations:rebase 2022-01-17-101806-test

Force Execution of Out-of-Order Migrations

When you pull code from upstream, there may be a new migration that precedes your local migrations. To bypass this, you can run the migrations:execute command with the --force flag.

Example: Force Executing

npm run contember migrations:execute --force

Engine 1.3+ Executing Migrations Until a Specific Point with --until

In your development process, you might need to run a series of migrations up to a certain point. The migrations:execute command now allows you to use the --until flag for this purpose. This option executes all migrations up to and including the specified migration.

Example: Executing Until a Specific Migration

npm run contember migrations:execute --until 2022-01-17-101806-test