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Migrations workflow

Creating a diff using migrations:diff

After you update your schema, you need to create a migration for your change, otherwise Contember won't see it.

There is a command to rescue you:

npm run contember migrations:diff <migration name>

Example: creating a diff

npm run contember migrations:diff add-categories

Name of a migration can only contain alphanumeric letters and a dash

Contember will show you individual migration steps and ask you for confirmation.

You should check the steps with caution, because Contember cannot detect some changes correctly and it may result in a loss of your data. For example when you rename a field it drops the field and creates a new one.

If you have chosen to execute migration, you are done for now. If you haven't, you can check created .json file and modify migration file manually describing the change more precisely.

Explaining a migration using migrations:describe

You can again verify individual migration steps using migrations:describe. You can use --sql-only and --no-sql to alter output of the command.

Example: explaining migrations steps

npm run contember migrations:describe

Executing migrations using migrations:execute

If you've pulled new migrations from upstream, or you want to execute a migration, you've created, you can apply all pending migrations using migrations:execute

Example: executing migrations

npm run contember migrations:execute

All the changes will be applied to both Contember schema and PostgreSQL database.


To execute migrations, you need appropriate permissions.