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User invitations

The invite mutation provides a way to add a new member to a specified project within the system.

Example: sending and invitation

mutation {
email: "[email protected]",
projectSlug: "my-blog",
memberships: [
role: "editor",
variables: [{name: "language", values: ["en}]
options: {
mailVariant: "en_us", # Optional
method: RESET_PASSWORD # Recommended
) {
error {

Invite permissions

By default, users with the global roles super_admin and project_admin, along with project-level admin, are authorized to issue invitations. However, you can extend this capability to other user roles by configuring Tenant ACL permissions.

Existing vs new users

If the specified email address already corresponds to a user in the system, that user will simply be added to the designated project. If the user does not yet exist, a new account will be created, and login instructions will be sent to the provided email address.

Password handling

By default, the invitation process auto-generates a password and sends it via email. However, it's recommended to set the invite method to RESET_PASSWORD. This way, a reset token is sent instead of a generated password. Ensure your mail templates are appropriately configured to include the password setup link. Note that the default method will transition to RESET_PASSWORD in future updates.

Customizing Email Templates

You can specify a preferred email template variant by setting the mailVariant option, as outlined in the mail templates section.